Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Singer Serger Pro Finish

Wednesday  December 30th, 2015

☺If you missed it, here is an up-close video on how to start stop letting your serger bully you☺

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Serger overlock sewing machine How to tips Up close for beginners. Singer Pro Finish™

If you are thinking about getting a serger or just purchased one, and want to see a clear, close view of the setup and a few tips on your new machine. 

 I hope this video helps.


  1. Heyyyyy Wendy! What a beautiful blog layout!!! I will be reading hear on the regular for real! Thank you for all the information that you share on Periscope, You Tube and now this wonderful blog!

  2. P.S. Glad to be the FIRST to comment on your blog!

  3. Great video! Very clear instructions. Loved the tips can't wait to try them!

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